Managing My Shareholding

Am I a CHESS Sponsored Holder or an Issuer Sponsored Holder?Collapsed
What are Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) and Securityholder Reference Numbers (SRNs)?Collapsed
Where can I find my shareholder account number?Collapsed
How do I log on to my shareholding details?Collapsed
Who do I advise and how do I update changes to my address?Collapsed
What do I do if I change my name?Collapsed
What can I do via the online shareholder services?Collapsed
How do I check my shareholding balance?Collapsed
How do I buy or sell Carbon Revolution shares?Collapsed
I have more than one Cabon Revolution shareholding – how can I consolidate them?Collapsed
Can I transfer shares to someone else?Collapsed
How do I administer a deceased estate holding?Collapsed
Do I have to pay stamp duty on my share transfer?Collapsed
What is Carbon Revolution ASX code?Collapsed
What is the fiscal/financial year?Collapsed
Who are the Auditors for Carbon Revolution?Collapsed
Who maintains the share registry? Collapsed
How can I change the investor details?Collapsed
How can I obtain a copy of the financial report?Collapsed
I have more questions.Collapsed